What to Expect From a Home Builder

Customer service and satisfaction are very important when you are buying a new home in Canada.

​In practice, this means that the builder should make every step of the purchase and construction process easy and worry-free for you. And you should be treated as a valued customer after you move into your new home.

Company size has little to do with service. Big or small, you should expect personalized service focused on you, your needs, and your peace of mind. Check out what you can do and what to expect below.

What to Expect: Builder and Team

Expect the builder and/or sales and site staff to be:

  • Open and upfront: good service begins with honesty, trust, and good communication.
  • Knowledgeable: good service depends on in-depth product and process knowledge.
  • Prompt and efficient: good service sets and respects realistic timelines.
  • "On your side": customer-oriented builders and staff work for you and with you.

What to Expect: Visiting a sales office or model home

When you first visit the sales office or model home, expect the builder or staff to:

  • Be interested in knowing your housing needs and wants style, size, features, amenities, price range, location, and timing. That way they can show you the most suitable homes and options.
  • Take you on a tour of the model home(s), or give you detailed descriptions based on scale models, maps, drawings, and blueprints.
  • Explain the company's approach to design and finishing, and your opportunities to customize.
  • Be able to tell you about the development and the area in detail – including a profile of who has bought to date, amenities and features, schools, transportation, shopping, and so on.
  • Provide you with helpful information to take home.

What to Expect: Ready to buy

Once you are ready to buy, expect the builder or staff to:

  • Give you a clear explanation of the entire process: who is responsible for what; construction and payment milestones; what's needed on closing; after-sales service and warranty.
  • Give you an idea of closing costs: what's involved, and general cost ranges.
  • Provide you with a detailed written sales contract.
  • Respect your wish to think about it and not pressure you to sign a contract.
  • Appoint a contact (e.g., the builder, the sales manager, or the salesperson) who will always return your messages promptly and never be too busy to deal with you.
  • Make arrangements for your site visits during construction.
  • Give you regular progress updates.
  • And of course, deliver what they promised.

What to Expect: Upon Completion

Once your home is completed, expect them to:

  • Give you a detailed orientation tour when you take possession of your new home, or shortly before, so you can inspect it thoroughly and they can explain how everything works.
  • Explain what is covered by warranties, for how long, and how to request after-sales service.
  • Explain what you can expect in the first year and a schedule of contact and check-ups.
  • Ask you about your experiences with their company and your satisfaction with your new home, so they know what they are doing right and where there is room for improvement.

To assist you in collecting information on the home builders you visit, and in talking to their customer references, you can download, print, and use these two worksheets:

  1. Know Your Builder Worksheet
  2. Reference Check Worksheet

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