Where to Start

When you're ready to buy a brand new home, the first step is to take a closer look at builders in your community. Who you buy from, can be just as important as what and where you buy.

Home building companies are extremely diverse. Some build only 5 to 6 custom homes annually, while others build hundreds of homes and whole new communities. Every company caters to a selected type of home buyer and their needs.

Your new home buying experience and satisfaction depend on finding the correct builder for you. An excellent place to begin is, by looking at the builder's directory.

Mostly many new buyers begin their search online. It can also give you an insight into every home building company – there area of ​​specialization, history, experience, etc.

Use your online analysis to develop a list of builders and houses you want to learn additional regarding home builders, then take the next step—visit the company's model homes or call the builder for an initial discussion.