After You Move In

The First Year in Your New Home

Moving into a brand new home is a amazing experience. Both you and your builder have worked too hard to get to this point and now it's time to enjoy the rewards. As you prepare to settle into your new neighborhood, it's a good idea to review processes that will help ensure that your first year in your brand new home is a truly satisfying one.

After-sales service

What happens if problems arise after you take over? Make sure you are familiar with your builder's after sales service procedures in detail. What is covered and not covered by the warranty in the first year? Who is your main contact? In subsequent years? Does the builder schedule regular follow-up calls during the first year when you can discuss any backlog or should you contact the company as needed?

You can realistically expect him to have an idea of ​​his response time as well. Outside of rare emergencies that require immediate attention, the builder will have to arrange service calls around the construction schedule as well as the availability of subcontractors. The majority of service calls are handled professionally, within a reasonable time frame, and to the homeowner's satisfaction. If necessary, a third-party warranty program, which backs up the builder's warranty, can step in to resolve any disputes and ensure the necessary work is completed.

Typical first-year changes

A newly constructed home will typically experience some materials drying out and settling during the first year, which can cause minor changes. This is completely normal, does not indicate a defect in your home, and should not be a cause for concern.

Talk to your builder about any changes and how best to deal with them.

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